Students of SPbSPMU won the competition for the formation of a tolerant environment Doctors of SPbSPMU successfully applied a step-by-step approach to the correction of tetralogy of Fallot in a small child Pediatric University took part in the campaign «Speech train to the regions» Doctor of SPbSPMU told about the experience of treatment of spinal muscular atrophy Doctors of SPbSPMU managed to restore the lumen of the larynx to a three-month-old child Hello, we found talents! Pediatric University at the Russian-African public forum University of healthy lifestyle Pediatric University graduate became an adviser to the Minister of education of Azerbaijan Information about training of students in the new academic year Pediatric University surgeons performed a rare operation on a newborn with vascular malformation of the liver Latest issue of the journal «Visualization in medicine» Mauricio Duarte: I owe a lot to the Leningrad Medical Institute of Pediatrics Rare case: doctors of Pediatric University told about the «dancing eyes» syndrome Pediatric University participated in the webinar «Current problems of breastfeeding» Saint Petersburg and Turkmenistan held an online meeting on medical issues The conference on rehabilitation after COVID-19 gathered more than 3,500 participants Doctors of the Pediatric University told how tuberculosis hides under other diseases More than 1000 foreign applicants will become students of SPbSPMU The first issue of the scientific and practical journal for doctors «Medicine and healthcare organization» was published» Pediatric University medical professions visited Grozny maternity hospital Foreign graduates of the Pediatric University were awarded diplomas of higher education SPbSPMU neurosurgeons have performed operation on a girl with an aneurysm of Hubner's artery The dean’s office for Foreign students Innovations Procedure of admission of foreign students About University clinic
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