Игорь Борисович Осипов

 Head of the Department of urology, MD, Professor

In Spspmu since 1977

He studied and worked under the guidance of Prof. G. A. Bairov and Dr. E. A. Ostropolskaya, together with whom he founded the St. Petersburg school of children's Uro-andrology.

Since 1980, freelance chief pediatric urologist of St. Petersburg, since 2012, freelance chief pediatric urologist-andrologist of the northwestern Federal district of the Russian Federation.

Doctor of the highest category in pediatric urology-andrology, urology, pediatric surgery.

Member of the Board of the scientific society of urologists of Saint Petersburg, member of the Board of the children's section of the scientific surgical society of Saint Petersburg. >>>

Дмитрий Олегович Иванов


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