Galina Anatolievna Suslova 

Head of the Department, MD, Professor

Chief specialist of the St. Petersburg health Committee for children's medical rehabilitation, reflexologist.

Education: high school, 1983 PLMI, Speciality: "Pediatrics".

Professional retraining: reflexology, medical rehabilitation

Since 1988, she has worked as an assistant at the Department of rehabilitation of the fuv.

In 1992, under the guidance of Veselov, N. G. defended her PhD thesis,

since 1994-associate Professor of the Department of rehabilitation,

since 1996. - Professor, head of chair of rehabilitology AF and DPO SPb GPA IN 2001 under the leadership of eagle V. I. defended his doctoral dissertation on the theme: “Scientific substantiation of the organization of medical care of children with disorders of psychosocial development (for example, MMD)”.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Of the regional charity Fund "Rehabilitation of the child. Romanov center", co-author of the method of non-medical medical rehabilitation of children with lesions of the Central and peripheral nervous system "method of Romanov-Suslova" >>>

Дмитрий Олегович Иванов


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