Vadim Kuzmich Yuriev

Head of the Department, Honored scientist of the Russian Federation, M.D., Professor 

In 1973, he graduated from the Leningrad pediatric medical Institute, after graduating from the Institute, he completed his residency at the Department of social hygiene and health organization, then was elected Secretary of the Komsomol Committee. After that, he worked at the Department as an assistant, associate Professor, and in 1989 became the head of the Department.

Under his guidance and scientific advice, more than 70 PhD and doctoral theses were defended, more than 300 scientific papers were published, including 11 monographs.

He is the author of the manual "Social medicine and health organization" (in 2 volumes), a course of lectures "Public health and health care" (in 3 volumes), textbooks "Public health and health care" (2000; 2009; 2012; 2016), a number of manuals and recommendations. Currently, the main research interests are related to the problems of women's and children's health, the organization of pediatric and obstetric-gynecological care. >>>

Дмитрий Олегович Иванов


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