Andrey Glebovich Vasiliev

 Head of the Department, PhD, MD, Professor

He has been working at the Department since 1985. Head of the Department since 2006.

PhD thesis "on the effect of specific antibodies against chromatin of the anterior pituitary cells on adenohypophysial secretion" (1989), doctoral thesis "Regulatory effects of anti-nuclear antibodies in norm and pathology" (2000).

Member of the dissertation councils D 208.087.01 at SPSPMU and D 208.090.03 at spbsmu named after academician I. p. Pavlov, specialty 14.03.03 pathological physiology. Chairman of the expert Commission on sending articles to the press; Chairman of the problem-expert Commission on medicobiological directions; Editor-in-chief of the journal "Russian Biomedical Research", leading editor of the journal "Pediatrician"; member of the Scientific coordinating Council of SPbSPU; Member of the editorial Board of the journal "Clinical pathophysiology»;

Secretary of the Saint Petersburg scientific society of pathophysiologists.

Дмитрий Олегович Иванов


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