Galina Lvovna Mikirtichan

Head of the Department, MD, Professor

Member of the Board of the International Confederation of medical historians and Deputy Chairman of the Board of the St. Petersburg society of medical historians, author of more than 110 scientific papers on the history of science, biomedical ethics, and public health, including: monographs: "Psychological-pedagogical and deontological foundations of doctor's education" (1999-255 p.); "History of homeopathy in Russia" (2004-58 p. l.); "Mariinsky hospital" (2004-28 p. l.); "History of the spbgpma Clinical hospital" (2005-544 p.); course of lectures "History of national Pediatrics" (1998); chapters in manuals on public health and healthcare: Yuriev V. K., Kutsenko G. I. "Public health and healthcare" (2000); Baranov A. A., Albitsky V. Yu. "Social and organizational problems of Pediatrics" (2003).

Дмитрий Олегович Иванов



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