Soldatova Irina Gennadievna

M.D., prof. Pirogov Russian national research medical University

Was born on August 15, 1975 in Moscow. After school, in 1998 she graduated from the Pirogov Russian national research medical University with a degree in Pediatrics. She received additional education at the Russian presidential Academy of national economy and public administration. After receiving a diploma of higher education, she began her career at the Filatov Children's clinical hospital No. 13, where she worked her way up from pediatrician to Deputy chief physician. Since 2013, Soldatova has worked as the chief neonatologist in Moscow. In 2015, she took the post of Deputy Minister of health of the Moscow region-head Of the organization of medical care for mothers and children. After defending her dissertation, she received the degree of doctor of medical Sciences. In March 2020, she was appointed adviser to Omsk Governor Alexander Burkov, and headed an operational working group to prevent the import and spread of coronavirus infection in the region. >>>

Дмитрий Олегович Иванов


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