Posokhova Svetlana Timofeevna

Doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor of the Department of special psychology, faculty of psychology, Saint Petersburg state University

In 2001, she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic "Psychology of an adaptive personality: a subjective approach". She worked at the Institute of special pedagogy and psychology named after R. Wallenberg since its Foundation in 1993, including the head of the Department of General and special psychology, the first Vice-rector and rector. Research interests: psychology of the adapting personality psychology of semantic States: laziness, boredom, envy psychology of optimism psychology of humor Main publications: more than 200 works, including Psychology of the adapting personality, Saint Petersburg, 2001 Psychology of entrepreneurship, Saint Petersburg, 2004 Handbook of a practical psychologist. Psychodiagnostics. Moscow-SPb, 2005 The role of the comic in modern information and communication interaction / / Sign, man, meaning: spaces of interdisciplinary reflection.   >>>

Дмитрий Олегович Иванов


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