Students of SPbSPMU won the competition for the formation of a tolerant environment

4 students of the specialty «Clinical Psychology» became winners of the competition of research papers on problems of the tolerant environment formation. The competition was organized by the Committee for Science and Higher Education of the Government of Saint Petersburg. The award ceremony was held on December 8. >>>

Опубликовано: 02.02.2021

Pediatric University took part in the campaign «Speech train to the regions»

Association of Parents of Children with dyslexia in 2020 held a large-scale campaign to raise awareness about dyslexia and other learning difficulties «Speech Train to the regions». >>>

Опубликовано: 02.02.2021

Doctors of SPbSPMU successfully applied a step-by-step approach to the correction of tetralogy of Fallot in a small child

Earlier, endovascular surgeons of the Pediatric University performed stenting of the excretory part of the right ventricle of the heart. This technique was used by doctors for the first time in the North-Western Federal District. Four months later, the heart surgeons of SPbSPMU successfully completed the second stage of treatment. The open-heart operation with artificial blood circulation lasted 3.5 hours. >>>

Опубликовано: 01.02.2021

Doctor of SPbSPMU told about the experience of treatment of spinal muscular atrophy

Two babies with a rare neurological disease were discharged from the clinic of the Pediatric University. These patients started receiving specific therapy at the early age. >>>

Опубликовано: 29.01.2021

Doctors of SPbSPMU managed to restore the lumen of the larynx to a three-month-old child

Unique operation allowed the baby with scarred laryngeal stenosis to avoid imposition of a tracheotostomy and begin to breathe fully. >>>

Опубликовано: 28.01.2021

Hello, we found talents! 

Theater, music, painting, dancing, and diamond mosaic are just a part of the long list of hobbies of students of the Pediatric University. Future pediatricians, dentists, and clinical psychologists devote rare hours and minutes between lectures and practical classes to creativity. Watch the story about talented students of the Pediatric University on our YouTube channel


  –  Pediatric University is a very inspiring place, especially now, in the fall. When this foliage is like a fire, everything is orange, yellow, red. I think any musical instrument would fit perfectly into the voice-over of such a landscape – guitar, saxophone, piano. It would be a great soundtrack to what's happening on the street. I don't know what kind of magic, but you come to the University territory, and immediately the instruments sound, and life itself is colored with new colors, – says the future dentist, a 4th-year student of SpBSPMU Nadezhda Marshuk.

 Rostislav Avdeev, a second-year student at the faculty of Pediatrics, agrees with her.

  – Any of the arts gives medicine a certain charm. Because the doctor is an intelligent person, and the intelligentsia has always been associated with art, – the young man notes.

Rostislav picks up the saxophone, Nadezhda plucks the guitar strings. And from the first notes, a beautiful, harmonious composition is born, imbued with the spirit of autumn. It's hard to believe that all this is pure improvisation, and the duet was formed literally before our eyes.

Astemir Cheuzh, a second-year student at SpBSPMU, can't live without music either. He admits that he started singing not so long ago – in the – в клубе «Hippocrates» club. Success was not long in coming: on October 26, Astemir took the third place at the Festival of student creativity of Saint Petersburg universities «Art Studio! 2020». And, of course, he does not plan to stop there.

  –  If a person can sing, it always helps them in life. Singing is a way of self-expression. When you are sad or happy, you can sing sad or funny songs. And when a person sings, he feels some inner energy that helps to cope with difficulties. When you study to be a doctor, you often experience stress, then you start working – the stress becomes even more. And singing is a small helper that helps to fight this negative points.

 And the 5th-year student Lada Mozhaiskaya is sure that there is no better discharge and emotional recharge for the future doctor than dancing. 

  – Sometimes we come up with dances to a certain theme, and sometimes we have a flight of fancy, we select a melody, and the body moves to it, – the girl says.

Аlina Kudryavtseva, a 5th-year student of the faculty of medicine, helps to get rid of stress with a much calmer, meditative art form. Since childhood she loves to draw.

   It's always like a flow: when emotions accumulate, accumulate and there is a limit. And I want to concentrate my soul, my emotions, go to some other world and create a small miracle for myself and for others, – says the student. She gives all her paintings to her family and friends – those who, in fact, inspire her to work. 


Third-year student Svetlana Gubina has a similar hobby. She does the diamond mosaic. 


   In stressful moments – before a session, for example, you can sit down and relax. Bead to bead – everything lines up very smoothly. And it's so peaceful, – she says. 

It remains to recognize: no matter what kind of creative leisure the future doctor chooses for himself: art will never be superfluous in life, and an interesting hobby is a great addition to the best profession in the world. 

   A doctor who develops creative abilities is always a good thing. Moreover, we have the largest faculty – Pediatrics. For working with children, it is very useful that the doctor can show artistic abilities – so it is much easier to make contact with a small patient, – says Inga Hismatulina, a 4th-year student. She has been studying music since she was six years old, but it was at the Pediatric University that she was able to reach her potential. In many ways – thanks to the club «Hippocrates».

For more than a dozen years, «Hippocrates» unites talents. This is not just a leisure center. This place is known far beyond the borders of the Pediatric University – students of other universities also come here for concerts and performances. Club «Hippocrates» is always glad to see talented students! Learn more about the club's life here. 


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