Students of SPbSPMU won the competition for the formation of a tolerant environment

4 students of the specialty «Clinical Psychology» became winners of the competition of research papers on problems of the tolerant environment formation. The competition was organized by the Committee for Science and Higher Education of the Government of Saint Petersburg. The award ceremony was held on December 8. >>>

Опубликовано: 02.02.2021

Pediatric University took part in the campaign «Speech train to the regions»

Association of Parents of Children with dyslexia in 2020 held a large-scale campaign to raise awareness about dyslexia and other learning difficulties «Speech Train to the regions». >>>

Опубликовано: 02.02.2021

Doctors of SPbSPMU successfully applied a step-by-step approach to the correction of tetralogy of Fallot in a small child

Earlier, endovascular surgeons of the Pediatric University performed stenting of the excretory part of the right ventricle of the heart. This technique was used by doctors for the first time in the North-Western Federal District. Four months later, the heart surgeons of SPbSPMU successfully completed the second stage of treatment. The open-heart operation with artificial blood circulation lasted 3.5 hours. >>>

Опубликовано: 01.02.2021

Doctor of SPbSPMU told about the experience of treatment of spinal muscular atrophy

Two babies with a rare neurological disease were discharged from the clinic of the Pediatric University. These patients started receiving specific therapy at the early age. >>>

Опубликовано: 29.01.2021

Doctors of SPbSPMU managed to restore the lumen of the larynx to a three-month-old child

Unique operation allowed the baby with scarred laryngeal stenosis to avoid imposition of a tracheotostomy and begin to breathe fully. >>>

Опубликовано: 28.01.2021

Saint Petersburg and Turkmenistan held an online meeting on medical issues

Representatives of leading medical institutions and universities of Saint Petersburg took part in the working meeting. The parties agreed to cooperate in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

The event was held under the auspices of the Committee for External Relations of Saint-Petersburg. It was attended by the first Deputy Chairman of the healthcare Committee of Saint-Petersburg Andrey Saran and the special representative of the Governor on issues of health Arfenia Ter-Minasova. The Turkmen delegation was headed by Deputy Minister of health and medical industry Chari Agamyradov.

Saint Petersburg and Ashgabat agreed not only to exchange experience in the prevention of COVID-19, but also to visit each other – of course after the epidemiological situation stabilizes.

Saint Petersburg doctors also told their colleagues about the experience of treating coronavirus infection. At the peak of the epidemic 21 hospitals received patients with COVID-19 in the city. Pediatric University was also on the list. The most «severe» children who had tumors, leukemia and other serious diseases in addition to the coronavirus were delivered to the specialized Department of the SPbSPMU Clinic.

The head of the Department for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, Svetlana Bannova, told how the hospital was organized and what schemes were used to treat small patients.

- The authors of the Ministry of health's guidelines for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus infection include five specialists from the Pediatric University. We have serious experience in treating children with this disease. And we are ready to share this experience if our Turkmen colleagues need it, ─ said Yuri Alexandrovich, Vice-rector for postgraduate and additional education at SPbSPMU, who participated in the meeting.

Representatives of other medical institutions also expressed their readiness to cooperate: Botkin hospital, Almazov National Medical Research Centre and North-western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov.

Date of publication: 30.07.2020

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