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Main information

St. Petersburg State Paediatric Medical University  is the oldest pediatric university of the planet.  Clinical hospital is more than twenty specialized inpatient departments with 815 beds.

Hospital consists of more than 50 departments among them are Pediatric gastroenerology, rheumatology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, neurology, dermatology, intensive care, pulmonology and allergology, nephrology, microsurgery, urology,  orthopaedic help and others.

Our hospital is a federal medical organization with the one of the biggest scientific bases and acient traditions of Leningrad's pediatric school. We have a modern diagnostic technologies: multislice computer tomography, MRI, US-scanners, installation for radiologists, modern radioisotope laboratory and etc. Clinical and biochemical, bacteriological and virological laboratories allow to perform the entire spectrum of researchies at the advanced level. Our specialists work at the frontiers of modern science and implement new technologies into the practice.


Over 100.000

children receive qualified medical care at the clinic annually

Over 15.000

operations annually

Over 186 

Hirsch index in total

Medical services


Medical services


Appeal algorithm


 Step 1

  • Patient makes a consultation request on +7 (812) 542-94-80, +7 (921) 926-16-56
  • Prepares necessary documents: passport, migration form, medical documents (check-up results, computer tomography results, MRI-scan results, x-ray checks). All documents should be translated on russian language and notirized. 

Step 2

  • Patient gets hospitalization or check-up date with the list of documents necessary for hospitalization.

 Step 3

  • Patient arrives to hospital on hospitalization date with documents and necessary medical documents. In case you are not able to come, please let us know. Necessary documents: passport, medical documents (check-up results, computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, x-ray checks), personal care products, shoes and clothing, cup.
  • Make a contract for payed medical treatment and sign agreement for medical intervention.

 Step 4

  • After medical treatment patient gets medical discharge with treatment information.

Contact information

194100, Litovskata st., Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (812) 542-94-80



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