St. Petersburg State Paediatric Medical University  is the oldest pediatric university of the planet.  Clinical hospital is more than twenty specialized inpatient departments with 815 beds. Annually, over 100 thousand children receive qualified medical care at the clinic

Hospital consists of more than 50 departments among them are Pediatric gastroenerology, rheumatology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, neurology, dermatology, intensive care, pulmonology and allergology, nephrology, microsurgery, urology,  orthopaedic help and others.

The Pediatric University is a federal center, due to that children with the most complex pathologies from all over Russia undergo treatment here. 

Since 2013, the perinatal center has been operating. Perinatal center  has 116 beds, which includes a maternity ward with five individual delivery centers; neonatal intensive care unit for 12 beds; cardioreanimation department for 6 beds; 50 beds for pathology of newborns and premature babies. The perinatal center also includes a day hospital for 6 beds, a consultative and diagnostic department for 50 visits per shift, an assisted reproductive technology  department.

Since 2014 opened multidisciplinary center that allows patients receive consultations from leading specialists of the Clinic in the shortest possible time in our outpatient clinic. 

Thus, the University Clinic has all the possible human and material resources to provide highly qualified medical care for children, women in childbirth and women with reproductive dysfunction, in all regions of the country, near and far abroad, at the highest level, corresponding to the level of world standards.

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